Recipes for green smoothies are everywhere.  Breakfast smoothies, meal replacement smoothies, smoothie detoxes… everywhere.  What is the deal with that?  Are they really THAT good?  I was about to put a recipe for one of my favorites in my newsletter and occurred to me that perhaps people don’t know WHY they are drinking smoothies.  After all… people do seem to follow the trends without necessarily knowing why.  So ~ here’s a little about why I love smoothies.
1.       They taste awesome.  That, I think, is why most people drink them.  But… let’s be aware that if you just throw a bunch of yummy stuff in the blender you may not be getting the health benefits you want. Stacks of fruit + yogurt probably isn’t quite as good as you think.  You are getting an enormous sugar hit.  Less if you are using really good yogurt, but still a lot of sugar.  Then, the dairy.  Most people really don’t respond well to dairy.  What is sold in our grocery stores is overall, far from ideal.  More on that another day.
2.      They give you awesome nutrition (if you make them right).  You put all this good stuff in you and of course it’s good… but did you realize that the process of blending is making digestion and assimilation easier?  Bam… you are what you eat, but you need to be able to digest and assimilate it or what’s the point?  Now, this may sound odd, but chew your smoothie.  Get the digestive enzymes happening in your mouth.  Alert your tummy that the goods are on their way. It makes a difference.
3.      They are quick and easy.  I am not one of those people who just loves preparing meals.  I eat because I have to.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy good food… but making it is not my thing. It’s a chore most days.  Quick and easy is key for me.
So, if you want a really yummy smoothie that is going to bless your body how do you do that?  
1.      Quality ingredients.  Organic is best, but I do understand sometimes wanting more than one organic banana or apple in the shopping cart.  So, look up the “dirty dozen” and the “clean 15” ~ they will give you an idea of which things should really be organic, and which you can get away with easier.
2.      A good balance. All fruit may taste sweet and delicious, but it isn’t all you need.  Throw some veggies in.  Throw some greens in.  If you are a newbie and the thought of a cucumber, celery and spinach drink doesn’t rock your world, start with a handful of baby spinach.  Promise you won’t even notice the taste.   Cut out the dairy. Try making your smoothie with a coconut water base.  Coconut water has loads of minerals and is rehydrating. There are so many ideas… 
3.      Add some protein.  I’m pretty picky about protein powders, but I do love Pure Protein Complete from Young Living. Other options are nuts &nut butters, chia seeds, oats, coconut cream/milk (watch the ingredients…I like coconut milk that is just coconut milk), flax seeds etc.  
4.      Add FAT.  Fat doesn’t make you fat.  Sugar makes you fat.  Avocado in a smoothie is yummmmy.  Coconut oil, nuts, coconut cream/milk… all that stuff.  Yum.   It will keep you going longer.  Fat is SO important.  Good fats are your friend, I promise.  
Those are just some quick thoughts.  You can find recipes all over the internet, and soon there will be some on my website... keep an eye out...  Here is my fave recipe lately. =>>
My favorite lately has been super simple.  ½ banana, big handful of baby spinach, handful of frozen blueberries (from the market last summer) & a couple of frozen strawberries (again, from the market). I wish I could tell you how much coconut water I use… but I just eyeball it.    I love this one with a couple of drops of Young Living Lemon Vitality oil ~ is such a light, bright addition.    We also like this with a scoop of Pure Protein Complete.  When we add the protein, we usually leave out one of the berries (I don’t know why…we just do).    Now, I’d mentioned protein and fat as things to add to smoothies, and you can see that my fave lately doesn’t have either (unless I add Pure Protein Complete).  That is ok. I am using it more as a snack.  I am getting the fat and protein from other things I am eating after my drink.      **edit** The last few mornings, I have been adding about a tablespoon of Chia Seeds.  That does add some protein and fat, as well as more fiber.


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